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Medical Services

Personalized Care

I am Board Certified in Addiction Medicine and Pain Management

Medical Detoxification

Suffering isn't necessary (and doesn't help)

Outpatient detoxification is safe and effective for many patients, especially for most opioid patients and many alcoholics

Pain and Addiction

I offer a unique benefit as one of the very few physicians with experience and training in addiction and pain management.

It is impossible to treat one of these problems without addressing the other at the same time. Having a physician that understands both problems makes management less complicated.

Medication Assisted Treatment

The current standard of care

MAT has been proven to reduce deaths, infections, criminal activity, improve social functioning. The older abstinence based treatments commonly provided have never been shown to reduce the death rate. 


You finished treatment, now what?

  • Staying clean and sober is a lifelong challenge

  • Many patients relapse after treatment because they don't continue to do what they were taught and don't get ongoing care

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