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Chilko-Chilcotin-Frasher River 8-4-15-06


I am a native Arizonan. I got my medical degree from the U of A, spent time in the Army where I did an internship and then was Officer-in-Charge at Rock Island Arsenal. I then did my residency in Anesthesiology at University of Washington where I was trained in pain management by Dr. John Bonica.

I have practiced in addiction medicine since 2004, done extensive outpatient and inpatient treatment of addiction. I have done extensive work with persons with both pain and addiction. It is very challenging, but can be very rewarding. I have been doing medication assisted treatment since Suboxone became available with good success.

What I am not: I am not a primary care provider nor a psychiatrist.

I limit my practice to addiction medicine and pain management for those who want or need to stop opioids. I rarely prescribe opiates other than buprenorphine for chronic pain. I also do not prescribe stimulants for ADHD or benzodiazepines, except short term for withdrawal. In my experience, persons with an addiction or alcoholism do very poorly when prescribed these medications unless managed by psychiatrists. 

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